CONGRATULATIONS to the Jack Lucas Memorial Average Buckle Winners:

A  Cole Patterson
B  Zac Parrington
C  Dale Christenson


The next roping is August 14 & 15 at the -K Arena in Pawhuska, OK.   Each day will count for two ropings towards the finals.  You need 5 to qualify for the Finals.  Both days in August are also co-sanctioned with Lone Star.

There is still plenty of time if you have not entered an OSRC Roping yet to enter both days in August and on September 11.    That would give you the 5 ropings you need to qualify for finals.

There are a couple things we are doing new this year.  One being a roper can buy 1 roping to count towards the finals.  See Rule #14 on the membership page.
Also, ropers are allowed to wear short sleeve button up shirts and caps.  Caps are only allowed as long as they are an OSRC cap!  If you would like to order one please contact Melanie @ (918) 636-3443.

Stock Contractor will be Norris Roping Cattle:  Cole Patterson, Craig Jensen, & Hadley Jensen   $35/Run

2021  OSRC Membership Form and Release of Liability

2021 Printable Schedule:

We are an Alliance Member with the WCRA.  As long as there are 5 ropers in a division, you can nominate that division and earn points to qualilfy for Corpus Christi.   For more information please click  WCRA Questions & Answers

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