CONGRATULATIONS to the Jack Lucas Buckle Winners Sponsored by Debbie Lucas:

A-Ralph Williams      B-Bryan Reiter        C-Dee Friend

A BIG THANK YOU to Debbie Lucas for sponsoring the Jack Lucas Memorial Buckles and THANK YOU to Marilyn Kyler for Adding $500 to each division on Saturday.

We are still looking for sponsors.  Buckles this year are $120.  Any donations will be great help. We need all sponsorships before  the first of  September PLEASE and Thank you!!

Welcome to our site. Pawhuska, Oklahoma is the Steer Roping Capitol of the World. Our sport is very unique and the members take care to maintain the integrity of this old time sport.

We encourage new comers and are a very supportive group. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you might have if you don’t find the information here on our site.

This site is maintained for the members of the club and to provide information regarding our sport of steer roping. If you are a member and would like to contribute to this site or would like to make suggestions regarding the site, please send an email and we will consider any changes that you request.

CONTACT US:  Osage Steer Roping Club         P.O. Box 117      Pawhuska, OK  74056        (918) 287-4222      (918) 636-3443     mooneykay@yahoo.com