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The 2018 Schedule has been posted!

MARCH 24th- On Saturday March 24th we will have a random draw in each Division.  The lucky winner in each division  will get his membership paid by the OSRC!  Please see schedule page for times and dates.

We have added a True Beginners Roping which is 2 for $200.  Stock charge is $35/run, $10 host fee, and $120 goes in the pot: 25% in rounds and 50% in average.   A True Beginner is someone who has never competed in Steer Roping.  This roping will give beginners a chance to try out their talent amongst other beginners.   There will be a total of 3 True Beginners Ropings.  Please see schedule page.

Nick Simmons will be the Stock Contractor for  the 2018 Season.  Stock Charge will be $35 a run.  Please see below for a run down of the fees.

  1. Entry fees will be: (A’s $300) (B’s $300) (C’s $300).   Stock charge will be $35 in each division, a $10 host fee, $5 for added money at the finals, and $5.00 per run will go back to the OSRC for prizes at the Finals. That leaves $165.00 in the pot. All divisions will rope a straight 3 head. Finals will be a straight 6 head. All Ropers in each division will have the option of a $50 side pot. At All ropings not held at the –K a $10-$20 Arena Fee may be added.
  1. The payoff is as follows: A division- Last hole in the rounds will pay at least 40% of the fees back and 50% in the average. In the B’s and C’s, it will pay 1 money straight across with 5-8 ropers. 1 money in the round and two in the average 9-10 ropers, 2 straight across 11-15 ropers, 3 moneys straight across 16-20 ropers, and 4 moneys straight across 21+ ropers. All payoffs are based on $300 entry fee. Arena cost will not have an impact on the payoff.

JJ Hatcher- B
Matt Phipps- B
Will Tetrick- B
Justin Carr- B

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