Membership is $150 per year.   Membership can be paid out with two payments of $75.  Please see Rule 12 for complete details.

You must go to 5 Ropings to be qualified for the Finals.

B & C Fees are $350 for 3 Headers and $450 for 4 Headers unless noted otherwise.  Add $10 for A fees.

Barn Fee may be added up to $20 for Ropings not held at the -K Arena.


Revised 3/18/24

  1. Ropers must cross and tie three legs. A steer must remain tied for six seconds to qualify as a legal tie. There must be at least one wrap around all three legs, and a half-hitch.
  2. Only slick around both horns shall be a legal catch. Half-hitch on horns or legs will be a no time.
  3. For a trip to be legal, the rope must be below the hip of the steer on the side opposite the direction the horse is turning. It has to be there at one point.   If a roper misses his trip, there will be a 20 second penalty.
  4. There will be a 60 second time limit.
  5. If a steer’s horns pull together and the rope comes off, roper will receive a “NO TIME”. If the rope stays on one horn from a legal head catch until tie has been completed and examined by the arena judge, the tie will be official.
  6. Ropers will be allowed one (1) loop, two (2) attempts, and one (1) flat fall. If a roper is out of the average, then one (1) loop and one (1) attempt is all that is allowed.  If the rope is tight and the steer’s head changes directions, that is considered an attempt.  A 2nd attempt will be given if the steer does not fall flat.  The number of attempts may be changed due to weather and/or Arena conditions.
  7. If a roper trips a steer with a hamburger hold a “NO TIME” will be received. If ropers do not know what this rule is, please ask.
  8. Ropers may pick the steer’s head up after given the finished signal by the flagman. The judge will determine the tie and his decision will be final.
  9. The flagman’s decision is final.
  10. Entries will open Monday at 8 a.m. before each roping. Late entries will be taken but last to enter, first to rope.
  11. Any roper (A, B, or C) may rope on a $50 permit per roping, as many times as he wants, but no points or prizes will be given until membership is paid in full. You must be a member to rope at any OSRA roping with Added money.
  12. Membership dues are $150. You can pay out your membership with two payments of $75.  The $75 is good for one weekend and the other $75 must be paid before you compete in your next OSRA Roping.  Points and Ropings will count towards finals while membership is being paid out.  If for some reason you do not rope again you still have to pay the remainder of your membership by the Finals.   Failing to do so will result in a $100 fine.  That means, before you can compete in your next OSRA Roping, you must pay the other half of your previous year’s membership, $100 fine, and the new season’s membership.  Permits are $50 but only the roping will count not points.  Membership must be paid in full to compete at a steer roping hosted by the OSRA with added money.
  13. Ropers must attend and participate in 5 ropings to be eligible to compete at the finals. You must have competed in at least 5 ropings in each division to enter that division at the finals.  For Example:  If someone wants to enter the C and B Division at the finals, he must have competed in 5 ropings in the C Division and 5 ropings in the B Division.   The 5 ropings will be mandatory as long as we can keep a full schedule for 2020.
  14. Any Roper may buy 1 roping to count towards the finals. It does not matter if it’s a double roping, unless you compete it will only count as 1 roping towards the finals.  You may only buy 1 roping per season.  Fees must be paid before that roping, no exceptions!  You may contact the secretary to make payment arrangements prior to roping.
  15. Any additional questions that do not fall under the OSRA rules will then fall back to the guidelines set by the PRCA.
  16. If there is a tie for any award, we will then go by the fastest time of the weekend except for a saddle. Tie breaker for a saddle will be a two head rope off.  Each roper and the stock contractor will pick a steer.  The stock contractor will pick 2, one for tie breaker and an extra.  Ropers will be responsible for the $70 stock charge.  If for any reason a roper opts out of the rope off, that roper will forfeit the saddle.
  17. Points at the regular ropings are as follows:

Go’s                1st (5)    2nd (3)     3rd (2)    4th (1)

Average           1st (10)    2nd (6)     3rd (4)    4th (2)

Every roper that competes in a roping if a member will automatically get one (1)   point.

No points will be rewarded for NO TIMES.

Points at the FINALS ONLY will be doubled.

  1. The OSRA Board of Directors has the right to move ropers in any division, but this must be done before the roper competes in his 7th actual roping.
  2. If a roper is moved to a higher division, he can take all of his points, up to one point less than the leader of the division being moved to.
  3. Cattle will be chute ran. Numbers will not be drawn unless said otherwise.  No Roper can run the same steer twice in their division in one (1) Roping.  The steer in the chute belongs to the next roper who has not yet competed on that steer.
  4. Entry fees will be: (A’s $460) (B’s $450) (C’s $450). Stock charge will be $40 in each division, a $10 host fee, $5 for added money at the finals, and $5 per run will go back to the OSRA for prizes at the Finals.  That leaves $255 in the pot.  All divisions will rope a straight 4 head unless posted different.  Finals will be a straight 6 head  with $700 fees.  All Ropers in each division will have the option of a $100 side pot and $50 side pot on 6 head.  3 Header fees will be $350.  Ropings not held at the –K could result in a barn fee up to $20.
  5. You can pay for your fees with cash or check. If you write a bad check then you will be on cash from then on paid before you rope.
  6. The flagman and/or directors have the right to cut a steer at any time if he/they deem the steer to be unsafe and or unfit to compete on. The roper then will be given a new steer at the end of the round.  The steer could be cut for that roping or permantly.
  7. A rerun may be given to a roper if the flagman and or directors think the steer cut back or for whatever reason didn’t give the roper a fair chance to compete. If the steer does this a second time, a new steer will be given to the roper at the end of the round.
  8. The payoff is as follows: A division- Last hole in the rounds will pay at least 40% of the fees back and 50% in the average.  In the B’s and C’s, you take the total in the pot and divide by however many rounds there are and add 2 for double in the average.   For example:  if it’s a 4 header with 15 ropers, that makes $3825 in the pot, $255-money in the pot x 15 ropers.  You take the $3825 and divide by 6, 4 rounds and double in the average.  That makes a total of $637.50 in the rounds.  15 ropers pays 2 monies.  Take the $637.50 and split it 60-40 percent which makes 1st– $383 and 2nd $255.  The average will pay double.  It will pay 1 money straight across with 5-8 ropers. 1 money in the round and two in the average 9-10 ropers, 2 straight across 11-15 ropers, 3 moneys straight across 16-20 ropers, and 4 moneys straight across 21-30 ropers.  Money is split, 2 monies-60%,40%, 3 monies- 50%, 30%, 20%, and 4 monies-40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.
  9. Any abuse to a horse or steer on the arena grounds may result in a $100 fine and/or a possible disqualification. The fine must be paid in full before you compete in the next roping.
  10. Vulgar profanity in the arena may result in a $100 fine and a possible disqualification. The fine must be paid in full before you compete in the next roping.
  11. You must compete at the finals to receive any prizes unless you have a doctor’s release, death in the family, etc. And then it will still be up to the board of directors to determine whether you get prizes.  You must be at the banquet to get prizes.  If not the board again will determine whether you should or should not.
  12. We have a dress code which includes a long sleeve or short sleeve button up shirt and cowboy hat. You may wear a cap as long as it is an OSRC cap.  You must be dressed appropriately when you are competing in your division or you will be fined $10 for each infraction.   This means every run you must be dressed or you can be fined every time you enter the box and or arena.  All fines must be paid in full before you compete in the next roping.
  13. Fees must be paid in full before you rope.
  14. In the event that only one (1) roper enters and is ready to compete, he has the option of paying $30.00 and receiving one (1) point without competing. But you had to have pre-entered to be qualified to do so.   If there are 2 ropers to enter, it will be considered a contest just like any other roping and they will compete.  .
  15. We will vote on new Directors every year at the Finals. All positions are a two year term.
  16. In the event that every Roper receives a “No Time” in a go-round, the money will be put in the Average.
  17. A Buckle will be given to the Rookie of the year with the most points from any division. Rookies are considered ropers that have NEVER competed in the OSRC before.
  18. If a roper is running late for whatever reason, he will be moved to the end of the round. If he is not present then, we will not wait.
  19. Prizes will be given to the Average Winner for 1 day ropings if prizes are awarded.
  20. Directors will be responsible for Classifying Ropers.
  21. Engaging in, or attempting to engage in, any action threatening, berating, harassing, or intimidating to an OSRA official, spectator, or any employee or member of the OSRA will be considered either a Class I

($100 fine) or Class II ($250 Fine) offense and may be punishable by ineligibility, suspension, and/or expulsion.  Decisions will be made by the Board of Directors by the next competition.

  1. Ropers may be eligible for the average if he has to turn out his 1st and/or 2nd and so on steer due to running late but only for a good reason. The Directors will determine if the reasoning is legitimate.
  2. Ropers in any division are eligible to win two saddles at the finals if saddles are awarded.
  3. Steer Ropers who, in the opinion of the Flagman, excessively drags a steer while flat on his side will be given a No time.
  4. You may enter on two different horses but you must pre-enter to do so. You must also clarify, to the secretary,  which horse you want to use for points.
  5. No kids in the arena during a competition.
  6. No board member can be stock contractor.
  7. Acing the cattle will be determined between the stock contractor and board members.
  8. You must compete to receive any prizes.
  1. The board must approve what steers can be cut out of a division to add to another division if there are not enough steers.